Intentional Community

Locations in China, Costa Rica, and USA

We created the mind map, branding, and cohesion behind this multi-million dollar franchise that has expanded across the globe.


We’ve worked on Tao Cottage for many years, seeing it blossom from an idea and an outdoor gathering to a strong franchise with an international presence.  We have been the brain behind the brand identity, the mindmap, the global partnerships, and the social architecture of the company.

Tao Cottage is the center of an intentional community with yoga studios, Bed & Bistros, child learning centers, online Academy, and numerous publications in print, audio, and video.  HardMagic has been responsible for the creation, edition, and distribution of this material for over a ten year period.

Other intentional communities have consulted with us and used concepts of what we created with Tao Cottage as the foundation of their vision.

At the heart of Tao Cottage is Tao Lifestyle, a mission statement and philosophy with how to live.  We cultivated this and branded it to create community and culture around the ideas of the community we helped develop.  The team has trusted us with handling all new franchise openings as we designed this company from the ground up.  After creating a successful business with strong brand identity, we are now challenging ourselves by seeing how we can adapt to each location.  We focus not only on maintaining brand identity, brand culture, but also adapting to small touches of the local community and organically driving brand recognition.

We continue to create content for the Tao Lifestyle brand.  As new franchises open around the world, HardMagic is spending more time on global product placement, cultural awareness, and social growth into new ethnic groups while focusing on the same demographic that we found was previously successful.

Philanthrophy of Branding

We have had such success with this franchise, that we are now hosting fine arts workshops and classes to teach the brand strategies used.  We stay innovative to test out new markets while also teaching our tried & true practices of brand identity.

We have placed this brand in California, Costa Rica, Ohio, and Estonia.  We have also grown it in extremely remote areas which allow franchise owners to purchase real estate in areas with no technology.  Our team then develops brand awareness to attract clients from around the globe to these remote locations.

We have designed the architectural layouts, themed housing, social connections in the intentional communities, and everything down to the design of the menus in the bistro.  We pride ourselves on an A to Z design on these fully functional communities that run with an incredible amount of custom HardMagic designed materials.  We put a lot of time into creating an augmented reality so participants can fully immerse into their environments.  We have found the textures on the walls, ambient sounds, and style of lighting in the environments can be curated to give the right mood and tell the appropriate story for this brand.

We will be duplicating this entire franchise into other lifestyle brands that also combine health, culinary arts, real estate, and community living to try our hand at other niches.

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