Wildlife & Landscape Media


We film in 4K footage to bring state parks to the home. We work with international tourism to promote a worldwide love for nature.

Costa Rica Waterfalls & Volcanic Rock

We have a full film crew located in Osa, Costa Rica.  Known as the most bio-diverse spot on the planet, this area thrives with wildlife and beautiful waterfalls.  We have built media for the local government, travel publications, and the tourism industry.

We have been in Latin America over 10 years and continue to train local communities our philosophy of art direction.  We also have accommodations for talent and film crews we bring from the US for larger productions that utilize the natural environment.  About 80% of capturing amazing shots in the rainforest is figuring out how to get your equipment to the right location.  We are masters of terrain logistics and thrive in harsh climates.

The Appalachian Rainforest

HardMagic has over 30 years in professional photography.  The photo above is on part of the company headquarters, a hundred acre wood in Appalachia where we encourage staff to experience Shinrin-yoku, also known as Forest Therapy.

These trees hold wisdom and provide the quiet atmosphere we desire when editing footage from all over the world.  We have a full editing studio surrounded by forest and bring our international staff to be trained, work on our global projects, and to enjoy nature.  We spend our profits on making this land more sustainable and teaching the local community how to also get involved in Fine Arts.

California Dreams

Gigapixel Landscapes of the World's Best Sunsets and Beaches

We surf, dive, and sun bathe all along the west coast where we continue to capture amazing shots for publication.

A Picturesque Lifestyle

We are a small and passionate team of photographers who all have a few things in common: a love of nature, a drive for adventure, and the passion to capture our vision and share it with others.

When not filming, we are still on the beaches to dream up our next shot or to just enjoy the surf.  We see a strong correlation in beautiful shots and getting downtime on the ocean where we find inspiration.

We work with national parks to bring corporate customers vision to life using their scenery.  We take clients out of the studio and onto the beaches, into the mountains, and take their products into amazing scenery that opens consumers to a multitude of emotions.

As technology advanced, we trek to our favorite locations repeatedly to explore the boundaries of various mediums.  Whether we are testing out new RED cameras or capturing golden hour with a new Canon Lens, you can be sure our HardMagic team is out in nature with camera in tote.

Discovering A Documentary

Being a full production and publishing company that loves nature, it only makes sense that we blend our strengths to tell accurate history with our lenses.  We build CG when needed to tell stories and we stay on the ground for months at a time to get multiple perspectives as nature changes with the seasons.

After you stay in a national park long enough, the land starts to speak to you.  If you listen patiently, you can document what you see, hear, and feel to share with the world.  It’s amazing how much land tells and the lengths a great film crew will go to for others to share that vision.  Sometimes we are in a tropical storm to get the right sound recording, other times we are staying in a tent in the desert to get a time-lapse of some shooting stars.

No matter where the adventure takes us, we make sure to take our time and tell a story that will last a lifetime.  We treat mother nature as the voice and talent of our stories.  When you respect her teachings as you may pass them along to viewers and allow them to be in awe for generations to come.

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