Open Source LMS Framework

A Cloud-Driven PHP Platform designed for the education sector. We developed all branding, UX, UI, security protocols, and APIs for this program that is now used in hundreds of schools across the globe.

Academic Excellence

Designed over a 12 year period for the growing Fine Arts Academy of TheMOV, we grew this platform to be robust, dynamic, and user friendly.  Handling over 3 million users during peak performance, the platform has shown its strength in an enterprise environment.

We continued to grow the platform and develop contracts with Education partners who were moving their classrooms into the digital sector.  We white-labeled the entire platform and switched to an MIT License for full collaboration with the open-source community.

We became known in the Education Development community and many of our staff blossomed into their own IT firms to service the LMS, MOOC, and Cyber Security of Education.  Our family of developers is now a network of partners in the IT Education field that is ever evolving, yet maintaining our close ties and integrity on program performance.

Automated Intelligence

As most development & design teams function, we hand-coded for years on this project with dozens of developers across the globe.  In year 6 of production, we rewrote the entire code from scratch with a new recipe: Use no custom code and switch existing developer’s time to writing artificial intelligence that knows when to pull scripts from the open source community to integrate into our larger framework.

We left the waterfall project management system and adopted a remote Agile system to work with over 50 developers globally.  We were able to reduce staff, focus on innovation instead of upkeep, and bring on temporary talent as needed for each section of the development.  The framework now has a mind of its own and is updated by the open-source community automatically as our developers focus their efforts on features, customized iterations for clients, and new customer outreach.

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