Online Yoga Academy


Over one year, our team worked in the rainforest of Costa Rica to create a brand out of multiple health startups. We created an online culture with a culmination of e-commerce, photoshoots, color theory, and UX Design across multiple responsive websites.

Already positioned as a top destination for online yoga and luxury retreats, this client came to us to create a new experience to attract corporate partners.  We reshaped the concept of the company by taking the focus off the celebrity yoga coach & putting the focus instead on the yoga academy.  We came up with a cloud-friendly Styles Guide designed specifically for yoga with the intent to position this company for investors and prominent consumer recognition.

Working with an existing platform of thousands of images and hundreds of hours of film, our team felt a minimalist approach would allow the true essence of this brand to be felt.  We reduced the call-to-actions from 14 on the main website down to 5 and used these five CTAs across the six websites we built for a very clear message to consumers.

With over 8 million existing clients, we restructured so the focus was on community.  By crowd-sourcing this community, this opened up a new level of interaction among yogis.  We designed a gorgeous MLM platform for the brand titled “The Perfect 10 Lifestyle” with affiliates.  New students were sent to these affiliates and all branding and creative direction was handled by our HardMagic team.

This allowed for thousands of participants to cocreate.  We changed all websites to be Mobile first and removed all unnecessary advertising that slowed down the brand.  With a new logo, new brand, and a strong community to support the initiative, this left the client with a strong platform to present to the corporate market.

We spent the latter part of our contract designing an investor pitch for the business model and negotiating contracts with sponsors.  You may see the Business Proposal at this link which includes the crowd sourced business, the multiple sponsors, and even an architecturally designed retreat center by our partner Tao Dreams.

We then advised the celebrity yoga coach on business direction and prioritized the workflow for the entire team in a remote Agile environment.

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