Corporate SaaS Training

Finance + Life Coach Software

Powerful Agile organization software for individuals and teams. Keep track of tasks, life goals, and progress easily.

A package of tools that work together and provide data visualization for those seeking a virtual life coach.  The tools help track finances, weight loss, mental training, and business skills.  The data is comprehensive, in depth, and can create beautiful visualizations with as little as a week worth of logging while it can also track up to 5 years of career training for those who continue to use the software.

It is partnered with audiobooks, podcasts, articles, and other tidbits that tie into the software.  It has mobile, tablet, and desktop options and one-on-one sessions are available as well. This SaaS is designed for the Enterprise and is being programmed to tie into Active Directory and will use Power BI to give beautiful visuals across all mediums.

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