Mastery of the Om takes years of dedication and is pure spiritual alignment. Go through kinetic, linguistic, and pedagogic training to channel pure source energy through your body in all 13 chakras. A Master of the Om has the Phi frequency resonating from every piece of his aura. To attain this, we invite you to our Airikai Mastery Program.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.
Richard Bach

As you map the path of enlightenment, you unlock inner wisdom which reveals your true master. This mastery can only be channeled and cannot be taught. Thus, mastery is given to those who teach others and who hold the key of enlightenment. Our program guides you on a journey where your inner light brightens to the point it is a beacon for others to follow. This is important to achieve longevity in health, wisdom, and to leave a legacy. Here at HardMagic, we are partnered with Airikai’s Mastery Program to help our staff and clients find prosperity from within. Join the Airikai Program below to embark on a precise journey of Divine Enlightenment.

Listen to the whispers of your heart. For this is the Om speaking
Matt Hackney

All HardMagic staff are given incentives to achieve Mastery of the Om. To achieve as a tribe, the tribe must carry the same integrity to all corners of its presence. We invite you to adopt the Airikai philosophy into your tribe and see what this level of enlightenment can do for you, your family, your business, and your community.

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I am here and now in all this Omnipresent, I am the universe.
Sushil Singh

Going above and beyond teaching the self, true enlightenment is achieved by giving of the self. Visit the Airikai Sanctuary of Sacred Arts in Costa Rica and work with Master Matao and other Airikai students where the Om vibration is very strong. You may study abroad with us and earn a degree in Sacred Arts. Details given to those who are involved in the Awaken the Om course. Our Mastery program teaches not only how to serve the world, but also the mastery of cancer healing, zen medicine, and martial arts.