After tuning your being to the Om frequency, you will desire to explore the frequency in many directions. This is what many call Love and what we know as Tantra. As you become aligned with the Phi Ratio and the Om Frequency, you will slowly realize that all of life is a dance. With sensual connection to food, family, animals and all that surround you your senses will become heightened and your aura will grow. This is Love. We have courses and workshops that teach the philosophy of tantra.

“The practice of tantra is about inner-transformation. The energy involved in the process of tantric transformation is the energy of our own bliss.”
Prana Gogia

To truly understand love, we must go through two transformations. The first, is that You ARE Love. We do not seek it, we find it within ourselves. The second is that All IS Love. As you come into a deeper understanding of this, you will begin to nourish relationships you never thought possible and find pleasure in pieces of life that never before seemed important.


Sometimes, not being in control is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Love More

Love is TANGO and TANGO is love! Yes, it is a dance, yet so much more then just any dance. It is an ongoing conversation between two souls, two hearts and two bodies. It is a sacred dance we enter in with one another where both ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ feel fully expressed and honored.

With diatonic retreats lead by professional tango dancer, Matt Hackney, you will experience the passion, the love, the hatred, the lust, the thirst, the sensual wisdom the tango offers. If you desire to delve deeper into relationships whether platonic or intimate, the tango is your tool of communication and inner vision.